Q&A: Reema on the foundation of Theeba Motorsport

Q&A: Reema on the foundation of Theeba Motorsport

August 23, 2022
International GT Open

Reema Juffali discusses the formation of Theeba Motorsport and our goals for the future


Q: What inspired you to create Theeba Motorsport? 

“For me, coming into motorsport was a big unknown. I didn’t know how to get involved, or how to get started and I didn’t even know how I could get there. I had a lot of questions and now, in my position, people often ask me how they can get involved. In the past, I didn’t feel like I had the right answer or that I was best qualified to offer the right guidance - and now I have some experience under my belt and I work with some incredible people, this gap in the market inspired me to start Theeba Motorsport. I created this team to help give Saudi people a chance to learn about motor racing and participate in the sport. I wanted to bring Saudi Arabia with me on this journey and help elevate talent in the region - this is my small way of giving back.”


Q: Where is Theeba Motorsport based and who is involved in the team?

“Theeba Motorsport is based in the UK where I have built up a team of people that I trust. They have a lot of experience in a variety of disciplines, and I have absolute confidence in their ability. As we start to grow, we want to expand with an additional base in the Middle East where we can promote racing and offer opportunities to Saudis closer to home. With that, we will hopefully be able to run multiple racing programmes, both regional and internationally.”


Q: What stands out about racing in the International GT Open? 

“I was a bit older when I came into motorsport and I strategically fast-tracked my learning on the single-seater ladder. My goal was always to do endurance racing and earlier this year, I competed in the 24 Hours of Dubai which ticked all of the boxes for me. I instantly loved GT3 as a category and the International GT Open is one of motorsport’s most competitive GT3 platforms. The series visits a variety of tracks and will race at some of Europe’s best circuits including Spa, the Hungaroring and Monza in 2022. This will provide us with invaluable experience in our first season as a team.”


Q: What are your goals for Theeba Motorsport’s debut season?

“This first season is all about managing expectations,but naturally, we’re hungry for success. We’ve enjoyed a great start to our 2022 campaign, but at this stage, it’s important to remember that we’re a brand-new team and because of that, we have to be realistic. I don’t have any doubts in our ability though and the goal is to be at the head of our class and to hopefully fight for overall podium finishes.”


Q: What is Theeba Motorsport’s timeline to race at Le Mans?

“At present, we’re not sure of our plans for 2023 but we do want to take part in more one-off endurance races such as Dubai and Spa. This will provide us with a wealth of knowledge and experience but racing at the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours depends entirely on our progress as a team. Theeba Motorsport was founded at the start of this year and came together in only a handful of months so we’re at the very start of our journey. Realistically speaking, I would say within the next five years is our goal.”


Q: How is Theeba Motorsport funded?

“The team is funded through private investment. Our purpose is to increase Saudi participation in motorsport and as we grow, we’re hoping to attract the right kind of commercial partners who align with our goals and share our vision of one day contesting one of the most prestigious and iconic races on the motorsport calendar.”

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