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Founded in California in 1954, BELL moved to the leading edge of helmet technology in 1957, being the first helmet manufacturer in the world to combine an inner foam liner with an outer fiberglass shell.

In 1968, BELL introduced the first full-face helmet, the Star, worn by Dan Gurney. These products innovations quickly generated a reputation throughout the world for providing state of the art quality helmets. Many other innovations, such as the first adjustable ventilation systems, the first aerodynamic helmets and the first fog free shields would follow.

The auto racing division, BELL Racing Helmets, was separated from the original company in 2001, but innovation continued! In 2004, Bell was the first manufacturer to certify and produce an “advanced helmet” meeting the FIA-8860 carbon fiber super helmet specifications, and in 2008, the same happened with the new FIA-Snell CMR standard for young karting drivers.

BELL Racing Helmets is now part of Racing Force Group, along with another leading motorsport safety brand such as OMP. The headquarter is in Bahrain, with distribution and marketing facilities in Europe and USA. Today, BELL Racing Helmets, the Formula 1 car racing helmets manufacturer in the world, represent safety, quality, advanced design and technology and stand for excellence.

Bell Racing provides amateur and professional racing drivers worldwide with high-quality and high-performances helmets.

Through its expertise of more than 60 years in head protection, and the passion and commitment that runs at every level of the company, from owners to technicians, Bell Racing offers a full line of racing helmets for all disciplines, from karting to Formula 1 and from Rallying to Dirt Track.

Bell Racing works relentlessly to maintain its leadership and groundbreaker position in helmet design.

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