Reema Juffali on the 2023 season

Reema Juffali on the 2023 season

February 24, 2023
GT World Challenge Europe

With pre-season testing a matter of weeks away, we sat down with founder Reema Juffali, to get her views on the upcoming season.

How did the step to the GT World Challenge come about?


It was something we thought about early on; what would be our trajectory, if our goal was to compete at Le Mans? One of the biggest championships is the GT World Challenge. The grid is very big, with a high level and quality of drivers. You're racing against the best in the most challenging environment.

This is the most realistic championship for us to make our way to our goal, which is competing at Le Mans. What also solidified the decision is that the winner of the bronze category will get a free entry into Le Mans, so it works well with our racing goals and aspirations.


How have preparations for the 2023 season been going in the winter break?


Looking back at last season, realising what we accomplished and having it settled, it feels like an encouraging a boost to this season. If anything, it feels like we still have a lot of unfinished business, which is a good thing to be coming into the season and we've had a lot more time to prepare and to be organised. Last year was technically my first GT season, so I have a lot more experience under my belt as a driver and as a team owner, so I know what to expect. We’ve had time to prepare and come in strong.


What are you most looking forward to about the GT World Challenge?


I’m looking forward to the sheer number cars on the grid and the level of competition. There will always be something going on and I’m sure it’ll keep me on my toes.

I’m also excited to visit some new tracks, like Monza and Valencia.It also goes without saying but being back on the road with the team and seeing where we go will be exciting.


Do you have any reservations going into the championship?


I wouldn't call them reservations, but I know it's going to be a challenge. From our lessons from last year and coming into this year, we want to be more organised. We had our fair share of incidents and disappointment last season, so I think that has prepared us better for this season.


How will the new base in the UK help the team throughout the competitive racing this year?


This is something I'm really excited about. A new base gives us anew home and a new place that we can build from. It's a place where we hope to train our new trainees this year, so it'll be a good place to host them. And I think being in a fresh new space will encourage growth and set the standards and the mood within the team. It all plays a big role in the behind the scenes that people don't really see.


What are you hoping for Theeba to achieve this year?


I think the obvious answer is that we would like to win the Bronze category. We’re coming in with the hopes of challenging our competitors and learning from them but being on the top step is always our goal.


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