Reema reflects on Theeba Motorsport’s season so far

Reema reflects on Theeba Motorsport’s season so far

August 15, 2022
International GT Open

Theeba Motorsport Founder and Driver, Reema Juffali, reflects on the first half of 2022…


In May 2022, Theeba Motorsport embarked on a trailblazing maiden International GT Open season with intent and, with only three race weekends remaining, the 2022 campaign is at its halfway mark.


Since its landmark debut at the Circuit Paul Ricard, the team has navigated every peak and trough with positivity and determination, and now heads into the final half as a battle-hardened outfit.


As Theeba Motorsport’s founder and co-driver, Reema Juffali has been at the head of the team’s assault this season.


Looking back on the first four race weekends, Reema reflects on Theeba Motorsport’s first foray and discusses each highlight and hardship on the journey so far.


“Our first season as a team has had its ups and downs but so far, I think it has been much better than we initially expected,” says Reema.


“Before our first official race at Paul Ricard, due to tight delivery lead times we had spent very little time testing the car and this meant that we didn’t have all of the cards on the table when we started.


“In that first race weekend though, we were able to pull together an incredible result and took home our first pole position, an overall podium, and a win in class, which was an incredible way to start the season.


“I think we started to feel quite confident after that – we knew that we had a good car underneath us – but Spa and Hungary really put things into perspective, and we were reminded that we still have a long way to go.


“It’s normal, motorsport ebbs and flows and to have a good weekend, you have to endure the difficult ones, and being patient and having self-belief is a big part of that.”


Continuing, Reema explained that every race provides a learning curve and that by gaining insights from mistakes and maximising on the positives, Theeba Motorsport will only become stronger.


“I think we have taken away a lot of key learnings from the first half of the season – we know what is working, we understand where we have gone wrong and because of that, we know how we can improve. This is vital for moving forwards,” she continues.


“I also feel like I have developed both professionally and personally and being the team’s owner and driver has been a unique but rewarding experience.


“In the past, I only had to think about my own performance on a race weekend but now, I’m in a position where I have to make sure that all of our people have what they need to perform at their best.


“Of course, the season hasn’t come without its challenges and although it is easy to expect instant results, we’re examining every aspect of performance to ensure that we continue to improve while also learning from our mistakes.


“Now that we’re heading into the final few races, we need to put our best foot forward, but we also need to take the time to relax and reset so we can approach the final half with a refreshed mindset.


“We’re all in this season together and after facing a few difficult weekends, we’re extremely motivated and we’re going to come back fighting in Austria.”

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