Theeba Motorsport: Inspiring the next generation

Theeba Motorsport: Inspiring the next generation

August 5, 2022
International GT Open

Theeba Motorsport’s purpose extends far beyond the track and our ambition to forge a new future defines our desire to disrupt the status quo.

With a mission to inspire the next generation, our goal is to bridge Saudi Arabia’s gap to international motorsport by improving access and increasing participation through education and opportunity.

Every journey has a beginning but by creating opportunities and fostering potential, we can improve representation on the world stage.

After learning and developing both professionally and personally, Theeba Motorsport’s spark was ignited when founder, Reema Juffali, got her first taste of endurance racing.

“Since becoming a racing driver, my goal has always been to race at the Le Mans 24 Hours and earlier this year, I raced in the 24 Hours of Dubai,” explains Reema.

“It was my first-ever endurance race, my first GT3 race, and it ticked all of the boxes for me. After learning my craft in single-seaters, I felt that everything came together at that moment. It felt like the hard work was paying off.

“Up until that point, my journey was all about my own personal growth but I realised that there is a much bigger story to share. I realised that I could use this platform for good and to help create a place for Saudi Arabia in motorsport.”

A subsequent conversation led to a leap of faith and with this, Theeba Motorsport was born.

After making a winning debut in the International GT Open earlier in May, the team is only at the start of its journey but with our foundations laid, we hold a bold vision for the future. 

“I never really considered forming my own team but I knew that if I wanted to elevate motorsport in Saudi Arabia, that this is what I would have to do,” continues Reema.

“My ambition is bring Saudi people along for the journey and Theeba Motorsport will provide a platform for them to learn, grow and eventually be a part of an established, race-winning team. 

“My ultimate goal is to one day make history by racing under a Saudi Arabian licence at Le Mans, but I also view Theeba Motorsport as a bridge – a bridge connecting Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world.

“It all started from wanting to have an answer when I was asked the question ‘how do I go racing?’ and hopefully soon,we will have Saudi racing enthusiasts who are actively part of the motorsport world.”

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