What’s in a name? Explaining Theeba Motorsport’s origins

What’s in a name? Explaining Theeba Motorsport’s origins

May 18, 2022
International GT Open

Every name has a meaning and throughout the ages, etymology has developed to define connotation and explain association.

As the International GT Open’s newest team, Theeba Motorsport is already tied to success but the origins of our name long precede our own foundation.

Since 1992, founder and driver, Reema Juffali, has been making her mark on motorsport and has disrupted the status quo to become a role model for female racing drivers and athletes around the world.

Theeba shares its origins with her own trailblazing story – one of sheer determination, pure ambition and an unyielding aspiration to change the world around her.

“Theeba is a name that was essentially created for me by my friends when I was still at school,” explains Reema.

“When you’re a kid, you might get up to all sorts of mischief and if you do something cool, you might be called something like an animal or a beast by your friends.

“If I was in that situation like that, my friends would call me ‘Theeb’ but within that context, the word is male. There was no female equivalent.

“They then started to call me ‘Theeba’ instead and created this word for me.

“It roughly translates to ‘she-wolf’ and as a teenager who was trying to break the mould, that name really resonated with me and my personality.

“Theeba represents a youthful spirit finding where the limits are and that’s something that I definitely identify with when I race.

“I forgot about the name for a time but when I started racing full-time, I remembered it again. Since then, I’ve carried it along with me and Theeba Motorsport feels like the perfect name for our mission to elevate motorsport talent in Saudi - it embodies what we want to achieve as a team.

“I’ve been brought up to follow my heart, to work hard and I’m lucky enough to be able to dedicate myself to my passion. Theeba Motorsport is going to help more people on this journey, inspiring the next generation of Saudi motorsport talent to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.”

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