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Hockenheim, Germany
02 - 03 september 2023

Hockenheim is GT World Challenge Europe’s second and final visit to Germany in the 2023 season, and over the past 90 years, the venue has tested drivers and entertained fans alike.

It was built in 1932 and was originally triangular in shape and amidst a continual evolution, adopted its current configuration in 2002.

Although the 4.574-kilometreGrand Prix Circuit removes much of Hockenheim’s original layout, the track still offers close competition and has earned a place as one of Germany’s premier circuits.

Despite being virtually flat, it takes drivers on a white-knuckle ride around the Baden-Württemberg region as pilots test their courage to maximise lap time at unstoppable speed. 

Turn One demands bravery, while a hard step on the brakes is required on the high-speed approach to Turn Six’s hairpin, the track comes to life in Sector Three.

Germany loves motorsport, and with fans congregating in grandstands from Turns 12-16, the final part of the lap is always an atmospheric, passionate race to the line.